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        OKay, people, I just got the first two kits from TurnA, and this is what I
found out.

Turn A:

1) it is a full head taller than GW/EW kits. it has a lankier form, legs
and arms wise.
2) the surface detail is FANTASTIC. it alsmost rivals the 1/100 GX stuff.
3) the shoulders go like this: the shoulder armor is connected by ball
joints to the upper area of the shoulder, just above the rods for the
shoulder articualtion (the rods are angled about 25-30 degrees upward).
the back of the shoulder armors are separate and FIXED to the back of the
body...this may look weird, but it actually looks good.
4) the beam sabers are attached to the back of the shoulder armor, and has
swing out pivots. very simple, but also charming.
5) the hips and knee articulation is way better then GW stuff, but not as
good as EW.
6) the radiator vents on the back of the legs are good looking, and adds
to the design.
7) the shield is gelgoog style in the way it is grasped, but it has a slat
which goes into a slot in the arms, thus stabilizing the shield for
8) it has a ball joint articualtion in the chest, therefore, more posability.
9) the chest area is mega-detailed, and the two chests (closed missile
hatch/open) are damn nice to see.
10) the only bad thing really is the moustache and the feet, which are off
cetner outwards to have a wide stance..this limits the ankle movement, but
makes for good action poses.

        Verdict: BETTER GET ONE. this is a new classic for me. the plastic is
nice, the detail is nice, and I gracefully swallow my pride and admit that
I have judged it too negatively in the past. I can't wait for the 1/100
version. The colors? well, paint will do just fine! This is a great kit.
 the pics on the net didn't show the chest articulation at work, nor did
they show how nice the shoulder system more sagging shoulder armor!
 the rifle too, looks good.

Mobile flat:

1) yes, it does look like a roach.
2) it looks like a nasty roach.
3) the transforamtion is simple, obvious, but charming.
4) it has a certain menacing look to it since it technically has not much
of a face.
5) IT IS A GOOD KIT, construction wise.

        Verdict: one must get this too. it may not look like a zaku or a gelgoog
or a dom, but it is a worthy looking opponent.

There's my two cents.
Coming up, model kit review of the gundcannon!

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