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OKay people, I just got it, and assembled it to see how it is, before I
strip it down for paint.

1) It can do the cow pose, however, the head can't tilt upward enough to
get line of sight. if you want LOS, then it's pushups time.
2) the skirt hinges the point that you can actually have it
nearly sit down.
3) the hands are replaced for the cow pose. strangely enough, it does not
have an open right hand in the kit...if you wanna pose it normally, it HAS
to have the gun in hand. bummer.
4) plastic is not good. feels flimsy, and has swirl marks from the
molding process.
5) uses EW/08ms polycaps...and has covers for the elbows and knees to hide
the can hardly see the polycaps when completed.
6) the shoulder articulation is a nice sleight of hand trick...and you can
remove the outer cover and see inner mechanics...very MG-ish.
7) the big feet are good for stability. strangely enough, there is inner
detail on the lower leg area, an endoskeleton to which the ankle is
attached...which can only be seen if the foot is removed. Is there an MG
version in the works? Considering this and #6, it may have been a
scale-down of a failed MG, or they are gearing up for an MG version.
8) the spray launcher is a nice option....however, it definitely has to be
9) unusual stuff: it's upper arm covers rotate with the elbow...something
more MG than anything else. the shoulder rods are separate pieces from the
body, and are also the same pieces for the shoulder-to-gun attachment.
this is done so that the ball-like shoulders can "sink" a bit into the
body, and be more flush to the body. The backpack is attached to the body
via a polycap, aligned by vertical slats which are also part of the
shoulder inner parts.

Verdict: it's a great kit, and suspiciously looks like a scaled down MG in
the way it was constructed. however, we can only hope.

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