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> The Japanese versions?? BT was made by a US company called FASA which
> recently bought up by Microsoft. But anyway, FASA made BT to be a
> up/exact copy of Macross (Robotech for you US only fans), and so the
> Macross creators didn't like FASA's illegal copying so BT was slowly
> converted to the "ugly" looking mechs as seen now.

And the survey says? Wrong, on all counts.
1) FASA Interactive was bought by Microsoft. A completely separate
2) FASA had aquired a license to distribute Macross models and other
merchandise. Due to a change in business, they instead made Battletech
and used
the images they had aquired a license to use.
3) Tastunoko had nothing to do with FASA's using their images, since as
far as they
are concerned, FASA did get a license to use their images. Harmony Gold
was the
company that had problems with FASA using the Macross images, becuase
are the ones who distribute Robotech.
4) FASA stopped using the original "Unseen" because Harmony Gold
to put them out of business by sueing them every chance they got. Harmony
lawsuits wouldn't hold any water, but nothing was stopping them from
sueing and letting the lawyer fees drive FASA into bankruptcy.
5) FASA made a Japanese version of their 3rd Edition game, and hired the
artists who did the original Macross, Dougram, and Crusher Joe mecha
to make new variants of the original mecha so that they could distribute
it in
6) Said designs filtered into the American Battletech through the Solaris
set and the Tech Readout 3050 as either new variants of the original
mechs, or
as Clan IIC versions of the original mechs.
7) While said designs are still legal for tournament battles and mention
in novels,
FASA will no longer be using their images. Instead, for game purposes,
they have
been replaced in the Tech Readouts by dumbed down versions of mechs that
originally appeared in the Star League Tech Readout.

While not the whole truth, this is as much of the truth that FASA is
being allowed
to tell its fans.

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