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> << Um, two guys liking each other in a romantic way? >>
> Um... Yeah. Graphically. It's a category of shounen ai (boy's love)

"Y. Choe" wrote:

> > > Yaoi is two boys. Usually graphic fanfics. You follow?
> > Um, two guys liking each other in a romantic way?
> Sort of. I've ne'er seen inside a Yaoi myself, but the covers do tell a
> lot. Since it happens to the popular female characters (in some graphic
> doujinshi) so it's probable that yaoi are somewhere on that level, except
> its for females.

...knowing this now,should I feel so bad about my lesb*** porn collection now?

Now why is it females like a girly faced guy? I can't undestand this. My gf
openly tells me this all the time...about real life actors, manga and anime
characters. Kinda scary? No, not really, but i am kinda jealous >_< What's
kinda scary is my gf would *never* dream of girl/girl relationship. I think
getting I'm way off topic here...

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