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Well we can debate about this forever. :D But then yes we are both right;
there is an extent of good manners and lying. I just don't like the people
out there who are just backstabbing you, but then they give you BS while in
front of you...a type of hypocrite you can say.

>Those who use "honesty" as an excuse to be deliberately cruel or hurtful
>are vicious moral and ethical cowards.
>If mutual respect is the glue that holds society together, then good
>manners is the lubricant that keeps the various parts from abrading one
>another. What this world needs is a little less attitude and a lot more
>courtesy, even (perhaps especially) if it's tendered to an absolute jerk.
>Manners and politeness are not the same thing. I can say "Thank you very
>much!" is such a way that you know that I mean a four-letter Anglo-Saxonism
>in place of the word "Thank" -- that's being polite, but it isn't good
>My 2 (1.65?).
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