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Battletech and Mechwarrior universes are the exact same thing. Just
reminding you and that the mechs are slow, lumbering, walking, tanks. If
you've ever played the first PC BT/MW game, it was Crescent Hawk's Revenge.
 If anybody else remembers it, it was a slow paced turn based combat game
which if was in realtime...equaled the same amount of speed as seen in the
Battletech cartoon.

>> If you read the earlier novels by Stackpole and Keith, you get the
>> that BattleMechs are as mobile as Mobile Suits. It's the later novels
>> are based as much on the video games as anything else that keeps the idea
>> going of Mechs as only tanks with legs. I've play the table top game for
>> almost as many years as its been in print, and while the game is very
>> the concepts aren't. I personally think most of the new authors are doing
>> very well, but it would be nice if they wrote the Mecha with a little
>> life in them.
>Yeah, I've noticed that, too. the BT mechs were very mobile and fast, now
>novels have the mechs as being slow, lumbering, walking, tanks. Didn't
>someone on this ML say the BT novels are ending and a new series of novels,
>MechWarrior, is starting up? The mechs do seem a little lifeless to me, too.
>It would be nice if the mechs of BT had a little more life in them.
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