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> Victor Milan is also well versed in Japanese culture. You may still be
> able to find copies of his paperback novel Cybernetic Samurai (1985, Ace,
> ISBN 0-441-13234-0) in the used book stores. There was supposed to be a
> sequel, Cybernetic Shogun, but after 14 years it has yet to be published.
> -Z-

That reminds me of the time a friend of mine showed me the signed hardback
copy of Cybernetic Samurai that he had just bought. I told Mike that Vic
would have signed his other hardback copy any time he wanted. Mike asked me
what I meant, so I turn the book over and showed him the picture on the back.
I then said, "You know, Vic, Jennifer's husband?" Mike hadn't realized that
our coworker's husband was actually Vic Milan, his favorite author. I just
have to laugh every time I think about it.


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