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> At ˝ RPM, the apparent motion would be no more diorienting than the
> rotating restaurant on the top of the Space Needle.
> The frequent eclipses, on the other hand, should be spectacular….

I was envisioning something else than what you described. What I was
thinking of would not rotate itself but would fake it with the "sky"
panels being projections of moving space. Never thought of actually
spinning the casino, though.

> Ah, in space, no one can hear you go boom. Neither sound waves nor
> secondary compression waves can propagate in the airless void. Only a
> direct impact on the colony hull itself would be heard or felt on the
> occupants.
> Vacuum really sucks, doesn't it?

Ya, but Gundam anime doesn't care about vacuum. They could sell a load
of Gundam tapes, too, huh? Or Playstation games. They could have a few
sims in a room, completely enclosed a la Virtual World, where you could
pilot a Zaku or a GM or a Gundam or whatever.

> I could feature that. To be completely accurate, the casino would have to
> simulate being situated somewhere between the base of the endcap "mountain"
> (on the same "level" as the inner hull) and a point about a fifth of the
> way "up" from there, otherwise you have to simulate lower "gravity" inside
> the casino.

I was thinking more like what you'd see if you were sitting in the middle
of a sewer pipe. You'd see both openings, or caps, and you'd see the pipe
"surface" angling up away from you until it was over your head. So the
casino would be built so that you could see "down" to the rest of the city
and you'd see the rest of colony angle up on both sides, past the sky
panels and other land strips until it met overhead as a sky panel. And
at both ends, the caps. On the sky panels would be projected the moving
star fields and occasional battles.

Man, I need Gates' money.


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