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>Try reading Victor Milan's BattleTech trilogy. Close Quarters, Hearts of
>Chaos, and Black Dragon. These novels detail a main character that is a
>scout, not a Mechwarrior. In the first chapter of the first book, you get to
>see her take out a Wolverine single handily. Vic's an awesome writer. I
>highly recommend his three BT novels as a source on how an infantry of
>"Davids" can kill a metal "Goliaths."

Victor Milan is also well versed in Japanese culture. You may still be
able to find copies of his paperback novel Cybernetic Samurai (1985, Ace,
ISBN 0-441-13234-0) in the used book stores. There was supposed to be a
sequel, Cybernetic Shogun, but after 14 years it has yet to be published.


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