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> *blinks* Anyone got a picture of that?

There is but one place that you can get a picture of that (probably not, but
it's the easiest that I can think up). The Everfamous (Burke's ?)


And did someone say Gundam for the ladies? It's no tHERSday, but hey, its
tuesday. Close enough!

Now here's a suggestion for a Gundam Magical Cartoon Series:

The Sequel to G Gundam... Not really, but its star come from G Gundam!

Megami Gundam, henceforth M Gundam

The cast would go on the something on the lines of (All designed by MechWhiz
Hajime Katoki):

Nobel Gundam -- The First and the Leader.

Angelean from Virtual On Oratio Tangram -- Belldandy Gundamified, ready to
kick some butt in the name for Justice, Truth, and the Megami Way!
(F8or the record, Angelean looks much like Belldandy from O!MG! In her
goddess outfit)

Fei-Yen (Mk. I and II) also from VO -- Gundamified, these "twins" go into
Hypermode whenever they get smacked, and smack back harder, faster, all for
(For the record, Mk. I looks a bit like Nobel, but has Sailor Moon like
Hair. Mk. II has hearts all over the place, including her pig/pony tails.
Their skirts--they have skirts--doubles as heat-sinks. Form and Function in
one package...)

Haro -- The Eternal Mascot of Gundam, Haro here takes on a new role, the
advisor to the Four pilots of Gundam. Of course, in real life, Haro is
controlled by some higher force:


Gasp! Why has she entered this race to save the earth?

And their eternal enemies?2

Epyonette Gundam -- Slightly more feminine version of Epyon
Psycho Gundam -- Now this is no coincidence...
Alpha-Azieru -- Quess?!? The long lost sister of Ellenby?!?
And Elemeth!?! Who could be behind all this horror, no could it be?



And Featuring

Tuxedo Char and Tuxedo Zechs, two twins separated at birth, both MS Whizzes,
one stands for good, one for evil, and they both love the MS Gundam Girls!

A Gigantic Showdown between the two famous feminine NewTypes will leave some
pockmarks on Earth, in the forms of the Colony and Asteroid Drop, and the
Four Female Gundams (Nobel, Angelean, Fei-Yens) must defend earth from
certain doom!

Y. Choe

More lesson of life from Gundam:
- IF a boy says "I will kill you!" he means more on the level of "I will
fall in love with you and won't be able to kill you, so I'll keep a vigil
over you, like a certain comic character..."

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