Wed, 16 Jun 1999 15:39:38 EDT

<< >> Yo! I'm a mecha fan too!! ::glares:::
>> Mollie
>Good, another girl mecha fan. They do exist :)
         Hmmmm...good question, guys have certain preferences for Mecha...since
 you're a girl, is it different? What makes a Mecha look good for you? >>

Well, they're big, strong, powerful, and they don't have macho complexes. The
ultimate guy!! (Heh heh, just kiddin'.) Actually, it's probably for the same
reasons guys like them. I mean, just the concept of these giant war machines
walking around is so incredibly cool. ::wishes she could better track her
love of mecha:: Oh, wait, I've got it! It comes from when I was a child,
watching Transformers and Speed Racer.... So I guess it's ingrained in my
personality... ::trails off and goes to write some wierd piece on why she
likes mecha:: ^_^;;

Heh heh... Mahou Mecha Shoujo Emiko!! Make up!
(just kiddin', not a big SM fan, either, though I do like Magical Girl
anime--the high point being Rayearth, magical girls and mecha combined!!!) ^_^

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