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> ...I prefer 0080 designs for one basic reason: they
> are less "cheap" since at the time of 0080 those
> bastards still have some money to spend on their MSs

> (just compare plain Gelgoog M and Gelgoog J, the
> latter is way more luxurious!)

The superior performance of 0080's Zeon mechas appears
to a one-off. Under Zeon's "Joint Equipment Scheme",
in which different MS series can share the same spare
parts (due to dire material shortage towards the end
of OYW), we would logically think their performance
would be average at best. Instead, they are among the
top-of-the-line models, with powerful rocket
thrusters, much improved speed, acceleration,
etc. 0080's Gelgoog J, for example, out-performs 0083
Cima's Gelgoog M Commander Type, let alone the
budget-tight improvement of the regular Gelgoog M.

> and 0080 features the best ever Marine MSs! I mean,
> just show the first five minutes of 0080 to anyone
> vaguely attracted to mechas and they'll dig it!
> (although this wasn't really an oav series about
> mechas)

Exactly! Before 0080, ppl used to think of 0079's Zaku
IIs defined the term 'cannon fodders' & Gog as the
clumsy, useless piece of amphibious lard ass. With the
0080 OVA, Zaku FZs almost look like world-beaters, &
Hygog was so impressive that fans learned to love
odd-shaped amphibious mechas which were ignored
before. Now fans are eager at the soon-to-be-released
'ancient' Capule appears in Turn-A.

> ... they had a utilitary look that's quite great and

> gives a realistic aspect. To me, a good MS design is

> a thought one: each feature must have its own logic,

> its own utility and an *accurate* way of

Besides the flashyness of AC mechas (GW's Gundams are
surely-attractive). There's another reason why series
like 0079 & GW are memorable to their viewers: the
relatively fewer number of mechas appear in these
series, and when they do, they made lasting
impressions to audiences. Fans of these 2 series tend
to have good memories of the mechas: the names, what
they look like, who piloted them, what they did in the
shows, etc. Whereas in other (long) series - such as Z
Gundam, ZZ Gundam & V Gundam, often too many different
baddie's mechas (on average, 20+) were featured for a
very short time, piloted by a musical chair of ppl, &
many other reasons - that fans will have to look up to
manuals, GunMechs etc to tell one MS apart from
another. (esp.
V's baddie mechas, many of them look very similar)

> (0083's Dra C)... a low-cost, war dedicated machine,
> all has been made so that it can't do anything but
> fight, it's the perfect cannon fodder! That's
> reason why I dig 0080 and 0083 designs: most of them

> do feature that logic!

In 08th MS Team OVA, you'll also see the well-
established Zaku Tank (a utility vehicle) as well as
Zaku Cannon, but their appearance is much more subtle
than Dra C in 0083.

Colin Liu.
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