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>It's always nice to have someone give their own
>rendition of classic mechas. Katoki is one, who gave
>the chokokin-esque RX-78 original a much-more
>militaristic feel with his best known 'Version Ka',
>to mention his mecha design in 0083 that attracts an
>ever-growing wave of fans. My next favorite is the
>mecha-design team of Mika Akitaka & Yasushi Ishizu.
>Their work in 0080 are awe-inspiring, too.

The thing that impresses me most about the 0080/0083/8th MS redesings is
that they fascinate me as much as the original designs fascinated me as a
boy. Probably me favorite artist for re-vamping designs is Kazuhisa Kondo,
who took the showroom-piece Zeta and ZZ Gundams and recreated them to look
more like real weapons.


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