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Nightingale wrote :
> It's always nice to have someone give their own
> rendition of classic mechas. Katoki is one, who gave
> the chokokin-esque RX-78 original a much-more
> militaristic feel with his best known 'Version Ka',
> not
> to mention his mecha design in 0083 that attracts an
> ever-growing wave of fans. My next favorite is the
> mecha-design team of Mika Akitaka & Yasushi Ishizu.
> Their work in 0080 are awe-inspiring, too.

Gotta agree here but again, I'm really looking forward to finding those
Model Graphix issues featuring Sentinel 0079 with pre-0083 designs (a
couple of years before 0083 actually).
But I prefer 0080 designs for one basic reason: they are less "cheap"
since at the time of 0080 those Zeon bastards still have some money to
spend on their MSs (just compare plain Gelgoog M and Gelgoog J, the
latter is way more luxurious!) and 0080 features the best ever Marine
MSs! I mean, just show the five first minutes of 0080 to anyone vaguely
attracted to mechas and they'll dig it! (although this wasn't really an
oav series about mechs)
> To me, both the classic and contemporary designs have
> their appeals to cater different spectrum of fans, and
> it's more important that whether a series has an
> attractive yet consistant storyline to stand the test
> of time. That's the distinction between a good one & a
> classic. Undoubtably the UC, particularly the OYW
> series fall into the latter catagory.

Right, I'd also like to add (for the 100th time) they had a utilitary
look that's quite great and gives a realistic aspect. To me, a good MS
design is a thought one: each feature must have its own logic, its own
utility and an *accurate* way of functionning, that's why I don't like
AC designs for example (again, this has been debated over a 100 times
since I joined 15 months ago).
OTOH, someone was mentionning the Dra C and I think this one deserves a
discussion: it's a low-cost, war dedicated machine, all has been made so
that it can't do anything but fight, it's the perfect cannon fodder!
That's another reason why I dig 0080 and 0083 designs: most of them do
feature that logic!

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