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Subject: Re: [gundam] Are GWing fans welcome on the list?

>>Hmm....I've never really been a mecha fan. I prefer the characters...the
>>mechas are just really part of the scenery for me....*unless you count
>>evangelion, I suppose* I don't really understand either. o.O After all,
>>are inanimate objects that only really are brought to life when the
>>characters are doing something...
> Hmmmmm. Evangelions are so big that it's hard NOT to notice for
>mecha in gundam being just large inanimate objects yada-yada...well, that
>may be true, but DAMN they look good.

Umm...o.o I meant more along the lines of the "berserker". I'm also drawn
by the histories of the mechs, and you have to admit, Evangelion is pretty
rich in that. Also, when they have an influence on the characters, I get
interested. If they're just lumps of metal, I find them boring.


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