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Wed, 16 Jun 1999 09:57:44 -0500

>>> That's right! Stand up for your obessions! It was about time we had
>>> a Gundam
>>> for the girls, anyways. ::holds up her "I'm a Quatre fan" badge::
>>Funnily enough, the first Gundam Wing poster I saw had Quatre on it. I
>>thought he was a she.
>>skeizer (the gnome)
> That's where the genius of GW/EW merchandising comes in...Quattre is able
>to snag both the young teenage female audience AND the yaoi audience, ith
>side markets to the bishonen and the hentai.
> Nothing like Bandai to push something for all it's worth.
I don't like Quatre. o.O Perhaps if he didn't wear pink....nah...even if he
didn't wear pink....I'm snagged by tragic/psychotic characters, bishounen or

-Snapdragon *perhaps therapy is in order....*

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