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  Pedro Corzo asked :
> Hey guys, I got a question about Gundam Sentinel. What is the basic
> difference between Zetaplus A1-A3 and C1, D.
> And also I saw in the Mecha domain, a Zeta Plus (red and white)
> prototype for Amuro where does this MS appear.

Well, Zeta Plus A1 and C1 differ in the forehead (MSZ-006A* has a
forehead far more doublezetaish with that mega cannon thing), on the
skirt level (the difference is pretty undescribable) and I think
MSZ-006C1 doesn't have a smartgun shield but a more Zetaish shield, I'll
have to check that. If you want to turn your 1/144 Z Plus C1 in a Zeta
Plus A*, there are conversion parts out there by B club .
 As for Amuro's Zeta Plus A1 (or more acurately K1), it appears
somewhere in Sentinel and actually appeared in a Model Graphix issue.
I'm trying to make a 1/144 of this one using the 2 aforementionned kits
but I'm stuck with weapons, has anyone any ideas? I don't want to give
it a Smartgun, it wouldn't fit Amuro Rei.
I hope all of this was any help

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