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Read the message carefully :) Unless I'm mistaken, he was referring that
the MERCHANDISE probably isnt selling well, which is why you have a huge
amount of their stuff for sale.
I can't imagine a big audience for Yaoi stuff anyway,since female fans are
harder to come by

As for the Jerk, I dont think it was a serious exchange, look at the ^_^

As for Gundam Wing in general, I doubt anyone has any real hatred over them
and while it is an Alternate universe timeline , the real reason why we dont
see much Wing/X/ G topics is not because we're anti- Alt Uni, but because
being from an Alternate Universe servely limits our understanding of that
timeline in general and they have less history than our beloved UC series.
for example, I dont think we could really go into how Gundam Wing is
different than the ones that came before it, the evolution of MS's in the AC
timeline, etc.
unless you can somehow add G-Unit into the official timeline ^^
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> Wait a minute folks - can this cool off for a moment?
> In the exchange below, I have to admit that calling someone a jerk for
> posting an image that is not inclusive of your own favorites is out of
> (according to netiquette, at least.) Anyone who has been on the list for
> more than five minutes knows that this list is almost exclusively oriented
> toward the traditional Gundam series. Noone on the list should be attacked
> for discussion or posting of that kind of material.
> Having said that, once in a great while posts regarding Gundam Wing do
> up. In the past (that I have seen) the few folks like myself who are GWing
> fans might discuss the topic and that's that. But the second part of the
> exchange below is inappropriate as well, unless this list has changed
> substantially without my knowing about it.
> Yes the list is 99% traditional Gundam topics, but is it now openly
> to those who favor Gundam Wing? Is someone who prefers GWing (yaoi or
> non-yaoi type) somehow "less" of a Gundam fan? And are we to believe that
> the five teenaged protagonists of Wing are responsible for "all the 'yaoi'
> Hentai doujinshi junk on ebay"?
> I guess I'd really like to know the answers to these because although I
> know I'm a (usually silent) minority on the list, I never felt that I was
> patently unwelcome until now.
> jks
> >>In a message dated 6/15/99 5:03:41 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> >>writes:
> >>
> >><< ...who drool at the sight of Four Murasame can check out a scan
> >> of her on the cover of the Zeta Gundam Rapport Deluxe book, which I
> >> put up on eBay at:
> >>
> >> http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=117866779
> >>
> >> Eddie
> >>
> >> Hey, you JERK! what about all of us perverts who drool over Heero, Duo,
> >>Quatre, Trowa and Wufei, huh? WHAT ABOUT US!!! ::::glareglareglare::::
> >>want yumminess tooo!!
> >>Mollie
> >
> >Well...
> >
> >To paraphrase the immortal words of Senator Jay Bulworth...
> >
> >"You haven't really bidded on my previous eBay auctions, have you?"
> >
> >Past experience seem to indicate merchandise with these five boys' faces
> >plastered on it are sure losers. Just take a look at all the "yaoi"
> >Hentai doujinshi junk on eBay.
> >
> >Eddie
> jk shapiro "Don't worry about it, ok?
> (GWing wannabe We're good at fighting losing battles,
> and die-hard Duo fan) remember?"
> - Duo Maxwell, Shinigami pilot
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