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> > With the mobility of the mechs in the BT universe, I wouldn't doubt
> > it...but in fact, when mechs have that type of mobility, you might as
> well
> > use tanks.
> Yeah, I think the same thing reading the BT novels. Since mechs lumber,
> not use tanks? There are light, 20 ton scout mechs, that are pretty fast.
> Aaron

If you read the earlier novels by Stackpole and Keith, you get the impression
that BattleMechs are as mobile as Mobile Suits. It's the later novels that
are based as much on the video games as anything else that keeps the idea
going of Mechs as only tanks with legs. I've play the table top game for
almost as many years as its been in print, and while the game is very static,
the concepts aren't. I personally think most of the new authors are doing
very well, but it would be nice if they wrote the Mecha with a little more
life in them.


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