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Tue, 15 Jun 1999 23:45:53 -0700

> Right, I like mecha, like other guys like cars. I'll see a Sports
> car and go,
> oh, that's a neat car, but I don't go crazy over cars. Instead, I
> go crazy
> over mecha and I can't really describe why I like mecha so much.
> Anyone have
> any ideas why, we like mecha so much?

Genetic disposition, along with environment where we grew up, what shows we
were surrounded with, etc. etc.

Take mah case for instance:

I grew up in Korea, basking in Giant Robot Cartoons (including the ever
great Mazinger and not so great Taw-Kwon-Bot(?) Don't ask about the latter)
and the ever great Gatchaman/G-Force/Battle of the Planets and
Tokusatsu/Sentai/X-Ranger shows that feature Giant Robots. Of course, in
Korea, small scale model kits can be had for literally dimes. So, instead
of die-cast, humaonid action figures or hot wheels, I grew up of those
cannon-fodder kits. And look where its gotten me today! Here of all the
places, discussing mah background.

I really wouldn't be too surprised if the Grease monkeys grew up with
hot-wheels, the grognards with Tanks and army mans, and mech heads with
Gundams and Giant Robots.

In short, the toys you grow up with stays with you... Look at the kids
today! Instead of playing with traditional toys, they grew up with Nintendo
and such. Now, the arcades are having a some sort of renassiance... More
proof in the pudding folks..

Y. Choe
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