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> think Gundam's true fans love it for the universe, as the characters
> always change, but the universe is the most static. Except for the AC
> series of course, the UC series were the most static and most consistent.
> Anyway, Gundam became very materialistic when the AC series was released;
> not only Wing but also G as well. V was pushing it extremely hard. The
> newer series anyway, depend too much on the characters and aren't balanced
> with how the world is built. As I said before, a lot of the mecha have no
> technical stats, almost no politics, and all the characters seem to be
> blank uninteresting stereotypical characters. Ok, some of the characters
> in the older series are stereotypical, but IMHO...these characters are
> still more interesting.

I like Gundam because of the combo of good story, interesting characters,
plot and the mecha also makes Gundam, Gundam. Though I've only seen Wing. I
liked Wing, but IMHO, it was kinda weak in most areas. Meaning its a good
anime, but it seemed strained to me. I.E. seems like at times the story could
have been better and it felt like an standrad anime title, but as a Gundam


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