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> >> That's right! Stand up for your obessions! It was about time we had
> >> a Gundam
> >> for the girls, anyways. ::holds up her "I'm a Quatre fan" badge::
> >Funnily enough, the first Gundam Wing poster I saw had Quatre on it. I
> >thought he was a she.
> >*ducks*
> >skeizer (the gnome)

Is cool. Personally, some of the male characters in GW can pass as females.
I suppose this can ilk both the yaoi's and the bishonen's. And, of course
to the Mech-heads, there is the uber-cool Sandrock Custom (My personal

> That's where the genius of GW/EW merchandising comes
> in...Quattre is able
> to snag both the young teenage female audience AND the yaoi audience, ith
> side markets to the bishonen and the hentai.
> Nothing like Bandai to push something for all it's worth.

Amen brother. You gotta wonder though. What if Bandai had pushed more
Bishonen/Yaoi Aspects of Gundam heavier in the original series and her
sequels, what would've happened?

Gundam and CCA: Char vs. Amuro (on the level of Zecharia vs. Heero)
Zeta: Anyone fits this bill? Paptimus vs. Camille?
ZZ: ?!?

G Gundam: This could've easily gone into G Gundam Sailor Five, and there is
that one Sailor Scout MS I hear was pretty popular. Just needed four more
Sailor Scout MS's I suppose.
W Gundam: This is where the Yaoi/Bishonen takes place.
Gundam X: The bad guy brothers. They border on sexually ambigious

Turn A took some flak because of the rather revolutionary mech design, but
it seems good so far.

Turn A: Hell, just take a look at the sexually ambigious character design
wrapped in a nice Syd Meady Mecha Design.

I wonder the chara design on Turn A was heavily influenced by the success of
W Gundam?

Y. Choe

All I need to know I learned from Gundam for today:
After images and VSBRs are your best friend against a genocidial maniac.

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