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> >Girls, there's a Wing Gundam ML that's devoted to bishonen idolizing
in case
> >you are not aware of it...
> *cough* Really, now. That's just a little rude. A few people have some
> and you berate us...or rather, tell us to take it elsewhere. While
> and Gundam Wing may inspire completely different fandoms, they ARE
> GUNDAM. Just different aspects. And being hostile towards either side
> really counterproductive, and a little bit worthless. After all, in
> world you cannot talk about Only What You Want To Talk About. It's not
> be all your thang. If you don't like us, you really don't have to

She's got a point. Besides, its kind of cute. It breaks up the feeling
every once in
a while that we are all cigar and pipe smoking academics intellectually
the various topics of Gundam. A breath of fresh air, if you would.

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