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>>I meant more the smiley faces and berating others for what is perceived to
>>be an improper approach and lots of other things that aren't necessary
>>face to face. I'm as nice as the next person. And, for some people, nice
>>is more of an effort than being rude but that's rare, thankfully.

>I see, I see^^ I understand. But for a lot of us, we learned the smiley
>faces as soon as we got on the 'net. So it's part of the language
>practically, as are :O_o O_O ^_^ >:] ~_~
>~_^ 0:] X.o ---and other endless variations.
>As far as netiquette goes, think before you post! o.O *imagine how much
>better the world would be if people just.....(gasp!) thought things out*

I think you can't really tell how his attitude is just by people
put those smily faces in to produce a more personal effect for the cold
text on a computer monitor...but smiley faces are becoming a definite
standard of the internet and sadly enough all the people who type without
these faces seem really cold and depressing; people who just don't want to
talk. And I can understand how Alfred feels. Smiley faces; they're
cool...but some people over use them and are definitely annoying for some

Also, I'd like to think of manners as the same way Alfred thinks they are
too. Manners are simply a mask to hide the true feelings of a person
towards another person...that means having manners is a another way of
lying...and lying I think is worse than being rude. So...might as well be
honest. So let's just say...when you talk to a mindful of what
you say; not being too extreme on the nice side.

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