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> Oh, I've read the Battletech novels with the anti mech team. Giant robots
> be brought down, and its usually not pretty. In Battletech, this team
> on the mech and puts explosives in the knee joints and the mech falls down
> and goes boom!! All a foot solider has to do is get close enough, without
> the
> pilot seeing them. This is kinda hard to do, when a Gundams flying around
> the air, though.
> Aaron

Try reading Victor Milan's BattleTech trilogy. Close Quarters, Hearts of
Chaos, and Black Dragon. These novels detail a main character that is a
scout, not a Mechwarrior. In the first chapter of the first book, you get to
see her take out a Wolverine single handily. Vic's an awesome writer. I
highly recommend his three BT novels as a source on how an infantry of
"Davids" can kill a metal "Goliaths."


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