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>>It's the yaoi stuff that gives GW a bad name. Gundam fandom in general
>>tends to deal with sci-fi mecha, space opera, and modeling. But Gundam Wing
>>includes a bishonen element, which tends to range so far afield from
>>"traditional Gundam topics" that it really isn't appropriate for a general
>>gundam list, especially since there are innumerable lists that are geared
>>specifically to bishonen and yaoi fans. Gundam Wing spawns both Gundam and
>>bishonen/yaoi fans, but those are distinctly different interests.
> From a technical standpoint, i would consider a level discussion on the
>yaoi elements of GW to be quite interesting. Gundam has always had a
>bishonen element, all the way to Amuro and Char. It's just that Bandai
>finally realized how little of the market they were tapping and did
>something about it. Believe me, I've seen hentai stuff on UC gundam
>characters aside from Four's pic. I've seen some Char/Amuro stuff on some
>weird sites. I think if discussed for what it is, a great marketing thing,
>it might be useful to the list as it is.

I haven't seen Gundam Wing or EW yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I
don't have any particular problem with an emphasis on the bishonen, either,
I understand the marketing and it's definately been an asset to the show.
My point, however, is that Gundam fans and bishonen fans of GW/EW are
really two different species, bound to clash on the Gundam Mailing list.

I realize that Gundam has had its share of bishonen, but GW really takes
the idea to a new degree. Take a look at most Gundam fan-sites, you'll find
info on the plots, the characters, politics, the wars, and the mecha, as
well as galleries that feature both characters and mecha from each Gundam
story. Many, many GW fansites seem devoted exclusively to the bishonen of
the series, glossing over elements that GW has in common with other Gundam
series(sci-fi, space opera, mecha, etc). From what I've seen of the Gundam
list, it's more geared toward the elements prominent in all the Gundam
series. Gundam Wing certainly doesn't corner the market on bishonen, but it
does put much more emphasis on bishonen than any other Gundam story.

I think it would be unfair to define a dividing line between Gundam topics
and GW-bishonen topics, but I do want to make it clear that such a line
exists, and crossing it really calls for taking the topic to another list.


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