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><< Girls, there's a Wing Gundam ML that's devoted to bishonen idolizing in
> you are not aware of it... >>
>Hey!!!!!!! I love my mecha, not just my guys! (Although my guys are cute,
>too.... Well, Char's more handsome than cute.) and I think you are what the
>recent post was talkin about. Gundam Wing is still part of Gundam.
>Gundam Mecha Fangirl
>Maybe you're just jealous you can't get a date with a Gundam fangirl because
>we love our GWing guys?

        Whoa. easy on the Beam sabers there! Anyway, Emiko does have a valid
point there too...GundamWIng is still part of gundam, as much as some
people are pained here to admit, and GX, and GG...but all those are gundam,
and subjects they touch on might be useful...

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