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>look babe, i'm sorry, i just wanted to know why you all assume that no one
>likes gundam wing... its not very happily persued... i kind of wish it was,
>because that's really about all i like about gundam... Wing. so, if i'm not
>going to be welcome, someone just kick me off, already, okay?

        It's not that we ALL not like GW/EW -- heck, I find it a good story. But,
I do admit that as much as I like admiring and finding the various GW boys
cute -- like Quattre and Duo specially, the list does seem angled towards
the more technical and story and continuity side of's actually
ok to talk about the bishonen element, because well, a lot of gundam has
teenage pilots or wonderful handsome people in the pilot seats (Char
Aznable, anyone?).
        It's just that the list has evolved into something where such elements
like bishonen haven't exactly been the focus for discussion, so there might
be some difficulty.

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