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> *cough* Really, now. That's just a little rude. A few people have some fun
> and you berate us...or rather, tell us to take it elsewhere. While Gundam
> and Gundam Wing may inspire completely different fandoms, they ARE BOTH
> GUNDAM. Just different aspects. And being hostile towards either side is
> really counterproductive, and a little bit worthless. After all, in the
> world you cannot talk about Only What You Want To Talk About. It's not
> be all your thang. If you don't like us, you really don't have to listen.

Absolutely right, Snapdragon. Last I remembered, this list was dedicated to
Gundam as a whole, not just UC and modeling. Besides, a different point of
view should always be welcomed as a kick in the pants to start thinking in
new direction.

For one, I like all the girls' posts, since those posts are at least about
something other than why this MS was in this episode while this other wasn't
kind of stuff we generally talk about.

Besides, change is good. With enough change, one could get a cup of coffee at
work. :


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