Tue, 15 Jun 1999 23:24:34 EDT

       Now.....Let us not get hostile here, From what I read of Edward's
orginal's post isn't "rude" at all nor was he hostile, he's merely making a
point that there is a GW mailing list where most people of the GW fandom
spend their time on that other aspect of Gundam Fandom.

     But that kind of discussion usually generates(again I'm not being "rude"
or "hostile") a large volume of emails with people simply making statements
about their favorite characters instead of discussion of any depth(again a
personal opinion that does not reflect most people on this list). A little
fun at times is no problem at all.
     Now before you write a reply calling me "hostile" toward topics I'm not
interested in please be aware that I'm merely stating a point......The LAST
thing I want to do is bring up a Alternate Gundam Vs.UC gundam thread.....

> *cough* Really, now. That's just a little rude. A few people have some fun
> and you berate us...or rather, tell us to take it elsewhere. While Gundam
> and Gundam Wing may inspire completely different fandoms, they ARE BOTH
> GUNDAM. Just different aspects. And being hostile towards either side is
> really counterproductive, and a little bit worthless. After all, in the
> world you cannot talk about Only What You Want To Talk About. It's not
> be all your thang. If you don't like us, you really don't have to listen.
> -Snapdragon

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