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On Jun 15, 10:11pm, Snapdragon wasted bandwidth discussing:
> Subject: Re: [gundam] Are GWing fans welcome on the list?
> >I meant more the smiley faces and berating others for what is perceived to
> >be an improper approach and lots of other things that aren't necessary
> >face to face. I'm as nice as the next person. And, for some people, nice
> >is more of an effort than being rude but that's rare, thankfully.
> >
> >
> >
> >Alfred.
> >
> I see, I see^^ I understand. But for a lot of us, we learned the smiley
> faces as soon as we got on the 'net. So it's part of the language
> practically, as are :O_o O_O ^_^ >:] ~_~
> ~_^ 0:] X.o ---and other endless variations.

I'm one of those that was around before the internet (not so much old as
not young) so smiley faces are the same to me as having to say "that was
a joke" after a joke or saying "I am angry" after screaming at someone.

Many people say it's to make up for lack of body language/inflection since
you can't see the email writer but I have to ask, have none of them read
sarcastic or humorous books before? Movie reviews? Dennis Miller is as
funny in print as he is live and there ain't one stinking smiley face in
his books.

But I'm not bagging on anyone, just explaining why you'll never see a
smiley face or LOL style abbreviation from me.

> As far as netiquette goes, think before you post! o.O *imagine how much
> better the world would be if people just.....(gasp!) thought things out*

Wouldn't that be great? Don't hold your breath.


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