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Subject: Re: [gundam] Are GWing fans welcome on the list?

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> Its good that there are some girl mecha fans. All the girls I have ever
> talked to or met, expect for one, don't even understand why I like robots,
> much less video games. Most the guys don't like mecha or anime in general,
> either, where I live. But, my best friend is a robot freak, like me.
> Aaron >>
>Yo! I'm a mecha fan too!! ::glares:::
Hmm....I've never really been a mecha fan. I prefer the characters...the
mechas are just really part of the scenery for me....*unless you count
evangelion, I suppose* I don't really understand either. o.O After all, they
are inanimate objects that only really are brought to life when the
characters are doing something...


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