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>On Jun 15, 10:02pm, Snapdragon wasted bandwidth discussing:
>> Subject: Re: [gundam] Are GWing fans welcome on the list?
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>> >Unless I really miss the point, I think Mollie was kidding around. If
>> >read the "huh? WHAT ABOUT US!!! ::::glareglareglare::::" and such it
>> >harmless. And, by the way, fuck netiquette.
>> >
>> >
>> >Alfred.
>> >
>> Mollie-dear WAS kidding. X.o But..umm...netiquette is a good thing to
>> If you make enough enemies being polite, then why bother being rude?
>> -Snapdragon
>I meant more the smiley faces and berating others for what is perceived to
>be an improper approach and lots of other things that aren't necessary
>face to face. I'm as nice as the next person. And, for some people, nice
>is more of an effort than being rude but that's rare, thankfully.
I see, I see^^ I understand. But for a lot of us, we learned the smiley
faces as soon as we got on the 'net. So it's part of the language
practically, as are :O_o O_O ^_^ >:] ~_~
~_^ 0:] X.o ---and other endless variations.

As far as netiquette goes, think before you post! o.O *imagine how much
better the world would be if people just.....(gasp!) thought things out*


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