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> Subject: RE: [gundam] Anime Expo Programming

> How about this? A 1:100 scale mockup of the interior of an open-type space
> colony -- the casino floor would be 320 meters long and 32 meters wide,
> with holographic projections of the Earth, Moon and Sun against a starfield
> that accurately tracks the view from L1 through the "sky" panels to the
> right, left and overhead. The two "ground" panels on either side of the
> overhead "sky" panel could be either mirror-imaged reflections of the
> casino floor or 3-D maps of, say, New York or Tokyo. Such a map would be
> visible through the casino floor and the various tables and chairs would
> all be supported by models of the more famous skyscrapers.
> It would, of course, be called the "High Frontier".
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You are insane and a genius. I would definitely "happen" to be in Vegas more
often if there were a casino/hotel like that! Accurately done, I mean good
enough that the slowly rotating solar system would disorient some patrons.
And there would be "assaults" on the colony every once in a while on the
screens, complete with MS duels and battleship explosions and the whole deal.
Sound effects from the battle would sort of seep in and maybe a rumble would
accompany a really close explosion, along with flickering lights.

Or, how about this - not so much a scale model of a complete colony but a
casino with a fake ceiling/windows that would look out onto a modelled
colony! You would be at the tables or the slots and, if you looked out
the "windows" you'd see the rest of the "city" outside/below (the casino
could pretend to be at the top of a skyscraper) and, "above" (it could be
a casino with skylights or something) would be the other two strips of
habitat and the you could also see the sky panels with the same projected
"battles" every half hour or so. Sort of like how Disney fakes bijou
outdoors at night in "Pirates of the Caribbean" by painting the ceiling
and angling it.


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