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>Yes the list is 99% traditional Gundam topics, but is it now openly hostile
>to those who favor Gundam Wing? Is someone who prefers GWing (yaoi or
>non-yaoi type) somehow "less" of a Gundam fan? And are we to believe that
>the five teenaged protagonists of Wing are responsible for "all the 'yaoi'
>Hentai doujinshi junk on ebay"?

It's the yaoi stuff that gives GW a bad name. Gundam fandom in general
tends to deal with sci-fi mecha, space opera, and modeling. But Gundam Wing
includes a bishonen element, which tends to range so far afield from
"traditional Gundam topics" that it really isn't appropriate for a general
gundam list, especially since there are innumerable lists that are geared
specifically to bishonen and yaoi fans. Gundam Wing spawns both Gundam and
bishonen/yaoi fans, but those are distinctly different interests.


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