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> Subject: Re: [gundam] Are GWing fans welcome on the list?
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> >Unless I really miss the point, I think Mollie was kidding around. If you
> >read the "huh? WHAT ABOUT US!!! ::::glareglareglare::::" and such it seems
> >harmless. And, by the way, fuck netiquette.
> >
> >
> >Alfred.
> >
> Mollie-dear WAS kidding. X.o But..umm...netiquette is a good thing to have.
> If you make enough enemies being polite, then why bother being rude?
> -Snapdragon

I meant more the smiley faces and berating others for what is perceived to
be an improper approach and lots of other things that aren't necessary
face to face. I'm as nice as the next person. And, for some people, nice
is more of an effort than being rude but that's rare, thankfully.


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