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>In a message dated 6/15/99 10:25:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
><< I. Am. Not..... i'm just... obsessed. ::::snuggles her five plushies at
> once,
> very protectively::: so put up with me.... Please? >>
> That's right! Stand up for your obessions! It was about time we had a
> for the girls, anyways. ::holds up her "I'm a Quatre fan" badge::
> Emiko
> the obsessive fangirl -- but with cuties like Quatre and Duo, can you
> me? >>
>Woooo hoooooo!!! :::huge grin::: waiii! :::puts on her Heero-Gear::: :yep,
>got the spandex and all... :::shiver::: i've got Duo and Quatre and Trowa
>outfits too... :::puts on her "I love Wufei" pin:::: but no Woofers-sama
>yet... :::pout::: ...
>- name is Snapdragon and I'm addicted to Heero and Trowa and
Duo. I realize that the first step in getting help is admitting you have a
problem.....*muahah!* And I DON'T! *snickers and huggles her Wufei plushie*

-Snappy Turtle

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