Tue, 15 Jun 1999 22:47:07 EDT

Well, might I point out ::as I'm not sure if I pointed it out before:: that
GWing did bring in a lot of fans, esp. female ones, myself being one. Now, if
there had never been GWing, I might never have discovered the "traditional"
Gundam. I am a very serious anime fan, but the pictures from the originals
didn't interest me as much as those of five cute guys. I respected the
original Gundam as an important part of anime history, but I wasn't into it.
When I found Gundam Wing, I sat there and drooled over those five guys...
Well, three of them, at least. ^_^; (I never quite got around to liking Wufei
and Heero as much as Duo, Quatre, and Trowa.) But, anyways, after seeing
Gundam Wing, I had the deire to see the rest of Gundam. So I found my way
into "traditional" Gundam fandom. And I am proud to be:

* A Quatre fan
* A Duo fan
* A Trowa fan
* A Char fan (and a bigger Char fan than any of the GWing boys)

When I can finally watch the rest of the entire Gundam universe (Gundam Wing
is the only Gundam easily availible in these parts), watch as I evolve into a
fan of whatever cool Gundam guy I discover next.

Oh, and of course, I'm a big mecha fan. (Char's red Zaku is da bomb!)


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