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>> Future home of the California Experience Park, the most redundant place on
>> Earth. Disney has inspired me, though. I plan on getting
>> investors to fund
>> a new casino in Vegas. The theme? Get this, you walk inside and... it's
>> like you're in Vegas!! Is that amazing? Little versions of the Luxor and
>> Circus Circus, strip clubs, everything! Everyone will come.
>Hey, why not a space casino, not unlike Star Trek one in Hilton, but with
>more pizazz? Would probably go better if you can get Mr. Lucas to sign off
>on that. :)

How about this? A 1:100 scale mockup of the interior of an open-type space
colony -- the casino floor would be 320 meters long and 32 meters wide,
with holographic projections of the Earth, Moon and Sun against a starfield
that accurately tracks the view from L1 through the "sky" panels to the
right, left and overhead. The two "ground" panels on either side of the
overhead "sky" panel could be either mirror-imaged reflections of the
casino floor or 3-D maps of, say, New York or Tokyo. Such a map would be
visible through the casino floor and the various tables and chairs would
all be supported by models of the more famous skyscrapers.

It would, of course, be called the "High Frontier".


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