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Tue, 15 Jun 1999 19:07:24 -0700

On 15 Jun 99, at 9:57, Edward Ju wrote:

> >Does anyone out there know what Gundam related programming (other than
> >the traditional screening of CCA) is planned for Anime Expo this year?
> >Specifically, will Turn-A and G-Savior be shown?
> Dunno, since I am not planning on attending this year. But I heard the
> designer of the Gelgoog Marine (Mika of MS Girls & Yuna fame) is returning
> this year.

Good, one less people for me to deal with. ^_^

It's not I am begging for additional workload or anything. I perfer
my tenure as a staff this year in AX Registration dept be as relaxing
and clam as possibile. ^_^ But I have to say we have quite a few
Gundam related GoH from Japan this year:

Mika Akitaka
Yukata Izubuchi: designs for Z, CCA, 0080 and Wing
Yoko Kanno: Compsed music for Turn-A
Toshihiro Kawamoto: chara design for 0083, 08ms

Jim Huang

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