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Tue, 15 Jun 1999 19:02:10 PDT

> > Since I'm a tech head, I've printed out reams of MS tech specs. I'm
> > currently working on a 0084 Mekton campaign using a lot of Benjamin
> > Wright's rules as a basis (whatever happened to his Kidou Senshi Gundam
> > page anyway?). I've gotten pretty far, with stats for most the
> > mass-produced designs and a few of the prototypes relevent to the
> > campaign. Unfortunately right now its all hand-written on paper until I
> > decide what format I want to post them on my web page. At any rate, I'll
> > probably contribute to the tech discussions and a little to the plot
> > ones.
>I'm veeery interested. Can you send me your conversions? I'm working on
>a 0080 indonesian campaign with the 0080, 8th MS Squad and 0083 mecha.

*Start whine.........*
Actually, I was doing a conversion for a post CCA game before the onstart of
the Cosmo Babaylonia (I think I got the spelling wrong), showing the 30
years that was the built up peroid for the organization. It was supposed to
be an adventure that spans the solar system as the Jupiter Empire plays an
influencail but shadowy role in the game. However, it didn't really get off
as the assistant GM quited on me and the lack of comitted role players. =(

Also I did not have enough time to get the MS down pat, conversion wise.
Would like to see tyour conversions soon, either as a forwarded mail to the
list/privately or on your wedsite. The real pain is trying to come to terms
with the different performance of the MS of the different series (like the
super powered grunt MS in 0080 and 0083 as compared to Zeta, let alone
monsters like GP03 MA, and the Kaempfer).

Good Luck, wishing you more success than I had :)
*end whining.......*

Also, on a brighter but OT note! I have got my grubby hands on Lodoss War II
and Armored Troopers Votoms. *yeh yeh!!!* =>

However, did to my lack in proficency in Japanese and ineptness in chinese,
I am only getting like some of what is said. CAn anyone direct me to the
nearest site where I can find the scribes? Also can someone tell me how many
episodes do Lodos War II last (got pple telling me 18 and others saying24
or36) *confused*


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