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I have one. . . . .nothing like a good slap to get friends and family into action. Which
seems to be the theme of the first movie.
>All things I need to know about life I learned in Gundam (and its various
>sequels)--mostly from fragments that I can remember off top of my head.
>Bouncing Beach Ball Robots make cute mascots.
>Never, EVER, make a MS go *kaboom* inside a Colonhy!
>Piloting a Mass-Production suit for the EF/UNT always means your career's
>Never fall in love with a Gundam pilot.
>Beware of Artifical NewTypes. They're usuall nuts.
>Don't piss off your Newtype kids, it's called Karma.
>Funnels aren't just another form of cake anymore.
>The bigger they are, the more damage it does.
>IF you fall in love, the chances are, you'll end up in a mortal combat with
>that person.
>Evil Generals are always named after some part of human anatomy.
>Believe in the Sign of Zeta.
>The only way to go incognito in space is a flashy MS and a cool looking
>mask/or Pair of Oakleys.
>Revenge is a dish best served cold.
>Solar System Mirrors are more than just for looks.
>The most powerful MS always comes in parts of three.
>In Space, only you can hear yourself scream.
>Always visit restroom before a sortie.
>Don't load nukes in an unguarded MS.
>M-particles are just m-particles.
>The most difficult problems can be solved with a game of cat's cradle.
>The younger they are, the more likely that they are a NT.
>There are no such things as Newtypes, or are there?
>Gundarium is strong.
>Don't befriend a terrorist, unless you happen to be a 15 year old girl.
>In-Laws are bad news.
>GMS are inheriently prone to blow up at moments notice, like most capital
>You can hurl several colonies, and Earth will still be green and pure.
>You're in good hands with Bright Noah.
>Survive, and find yourself a NewType...
>Got more?
>Y. Choe

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