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All things I need to know about life I learned in Gundam (and its various
sequels)--mostly from fragments that I can remember off top of my head.

Bouncing Beach Ball Robots make cute mascots.
Never, EVER, make a MS go *kaboom* inside a Colonhy!
Piloting a Mass-Production suit for the EF/UNT always means your career's
Never fall in love with a Gundam pilot.
Beware of Artifical NewTypes. They're usuall nuts.
Don't piss off your Newtype kids, it's called Karma.
Funnels aren't just another form of cake anymore.
The bigger they are, the more damage it does.
IF you fall in love, the chances are, you'll end up in a mortal combat with
that person.
Evil Generals are always named after some part of human anatomy.
Believe in the Sign of Zeta.
The only way to go incognito in space is a flashy MS and a cool looking
mask/or Pair of Oakleys.
Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Solar System Mirrors are more than just for looks.
The most powerful MS always comes in parts of three.
In Space, only you can hear yourself scream.
Always visit restroom before a sortie.
Don't load nukes in an unguarded MS.
M-particles are just m-particles.
The most difficult problems can be solved with a game of cat's cradle.
The younger they are, the more likely that they are a NT.
There are no such things as Newtypes, or are there?
Gundarium is strong.
Don't befriend a terrorist, unless you happen to be a 15 year old girl.
In-Laws are bad news.
GMS are inheriently prone to blow up at moments notice, like most capital
You can hurl several colonies, and Earth will still be green and pure.
You're in good hands with Bright Noah.


Survive, and find yourself a NewType...

Got more?

Y. Choe

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