Y. Choe (choey@usa.net)
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 16:22:08 -0700

> Hey, a casino modelled after White Base. I was so hoping that
> Star Trek one

Hmm... Would that mean that the guests can see the full lifesize duplicate
of the Guntank, Gundam, and Guncannon? And of course, the video game area
(theme park area, now a prerequisite for a successful hotel in Vegas) would
have state of the art Gundam simulators all driven on Sega Naomi's Board
(the same one that powers Dreamcast) replete with full force feedback and

And of course, the hotel would something like either the White Base, Aghama,
or a Space Colony, with rooms that have curvy windows and such... That'd
probably be pretty sweet, but hard as heck to construct...

Dude, I'm up for that!

> would have a few floors that were *completely* modelled like a Federation
> ship main dish, curved hallways, sliding doors, touch panels, everything.
> They really missed the boat there. I know a lot of non-gambling trekkies
> would pay big fat bucks to stay there for a week.

That would probably extend the concept of "experience" to a whole new level,
almost like a Holodeck. wonder if Paramount is holding out until a
Holodeck can be actually be created. :)

On another level, how about a hotel based on Animeish theme? Who knows?

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