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On Jun 15, 2:24pm, Edward Ju wasted bandwidth discussing:
> Subject: Re: [gundam] Anime Expo Programming
> >When and where is this "Anime Expo" being held this year? I haven't watched
> >any anime for over 5 months and recently started watching Z Gundam... it got
> >me all nostalgic and wanting to get back into anime. (which is why I just
> >joined this mailing list today...)
> I believe it is at the Anaheim Hilton like last year. Real close to
> Disneyland, allegedly the Happiest Place on Earth.
> Eddie

Future home of the California Experience Park, the most redundant place on
Earth. Disney has inspired me, though. I plan on getting investors to fund
a new casino in Vegas. The theme? Get this, you walk inside and... it's
like you're in Vegas!! Is that amazing? Little versions of the Luxor and
Circus Circus, strip clubs, everything! Everyone will come.


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