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On 14 Jun 99, at 18:35, Y. sung to the tune of 'Chairman Mao:The Musical'

> > Well I do happen to know that Mark S. is still lurking on the
> > list via the
> > GML Archives. As for the rest.. I dunno, but we all miss you
> > guys so come
> > back soon!!
> I heard, but it's kinda weird that thare are no more Marks to pick on/get
> confused from/distinguish. I believe at one point or rather that we've had
> several Marks running loose. And there there was the deal with Dafydd/-Z-
> confusion.
> Y. "Nostalgia grows on me too much." Choe
Ahh, yes. I remember those days well *nods head sagely*, I didn't
mind making a fool of myself then ^_^; I can stil remember
Ambrose and his obsession with Chien Agi too, but then - the guy
did introduce me to Gundam ^_^;;

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