Vincenzo Bruni (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 15:51:18 +0200

Hello boys
 I'm a 25-years old Italian Gundam fan and I'm more than happy to be
here (I hope you will forgive my grammar mistakes. I'm not too adept
with english still I'm improving). As our friend Neil I'm a Kawamori fan
(I simply love his Valkyries and GPs and 0083 is my favorite OAV serie)
and a Mekton player/GM.
We Italians watched a baddly dubbed, unlicensed version of MS Gundam in
the eighties and after then the white MS became a legend. In the
nineties our always warring publishers gave us a baddly translated
version of the 0083 anime comic and the horrible manga of F91 and 0080
(don't read them! You've been warned. The "art"work is disgusting).
Later...well, we're still waiting some news from the BB Project.
I will try to do my best in this list, as it appear to me very

Bye, Vincenzo

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