Vincenzo Bruni (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 15:24:33 +0200

Neil Baumgardner wrote:
> Since I'm a tech head, I've printed out reams of MS tech specs. I'm
> currently working on a 0084 Mekton campaign using a lot of Benjamin
> Wright's rules as a basis (whatever happened to his Kidou Senshi Gundam
> page anyway?). I've gotten pretty far, with stats for most the
> mass-produced designs and a few of the prototypes relevent to the
> campaign. Unfortunately right now its all hand-written on paper until I
> decide what format I want to post them on my web page. At any rate, I'll
> probably contribute to the tech discussions and a little to the plot
> ones.

I'm veeery interested. Can you send me your conversions? I'm working on
a 0080 indonesian campaign with the 0080, 8th MS Squad and 0083 mecha.

Bye, Vincenzo

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