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On Jun 14, 7:04pm, Mark Kuettner wasted bandwidth discussing:
> Subject: RE: [gundam] Rick Dom II 0083 version?

> Hah. Well, the whole Turn-A thing has me in a Gundam funk. I shouldn't
> bash because I have not seen a single episode of it. It's description
> and visuals have not really lived up to my hopes, though. I love 8th
> team, and I think there is a need to get back to UC in a big way, more
> than just throwing out G-Savior or having UC mecha dug up in Turn-A.
> What I'm really hoping for is a focused story on a smaller number of
> characters, even tighter than 0083.
> Mark Kai

Sing it. I would love to see some of those side stories animated.


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