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>On the back of the box, it says it is directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino. I
>assume this means the 'conductor'. A man of many talents...he also
>condcuted some of the music in the Gundam F91 Live Concert Special. The
>composer is Shigeaki Saegusa, who also composed the music for CCA.

In this case, "directed" means that he was musical director as well as
animation director, working with Saegusa to select what music would play in
each scene. He decided which themes would be used and the duration and mix
of each cue.

>The tracks themselves appear to be subdivided into sub tracks
>and some sort of weird nomenclature, perhaps cross references to other
>BGM CDs... I assume these are indexes...I *don't have and old enough*
>CD player to take advantage of indexes Indexes are somewhat of a lost

I've never been able to figure out what those numbers mean, but they're all
over various BGM from King Records. Does anyone know what these are?

>Overall, I liked it. If you liked the CCA OST, get this (although no
>quite as good as that).

You forgot to mention that you get your money's worth, running-time wise.
Disc 1 is 72:25 and Disc 2 is 71:48 -- that's 144:13 or 2 hours 24 minutes
13 seconds or music for 4,200.


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